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Olympia London has been working with the MICE Machine on the development and launch of the venue’s reinvigorated sustainability programme. Ruth’s and Chris’ input as experienced sustainability professionals, with knowledge of the events industry, has been invaluable. They have facilitated a complete review of the scope of our sustainability efforts, including a thorough, practical assessment of the venue’s achievements and opportunities for improvement, strategy workshops for a group of champions drawn from each department in the organisation and the development of objectives and actions for them to achieve.  They also led induction workshops in the new programme, ‘The Grand Plan’ for over 130 staff and service partners, meaning that everyone at Olympia London is now ready to contribute to the success of the plan.

Siân Richards, Business Services & Sustainability Manager, Olympia London.

I have worked with Ruth in various capacities over a three year period and I have always found her to have an honest, diligent and extremely pragmatic style of working. This skill enables her to develop practical solutions that effectively address the problem at hand – something that is hugely valuable when tackling implementation projects.

Salli Felton, CEO, The Travel Foundation

Mr Thompson's knowledge, experience and exceptional training skills result in a high level of motivation and enthusiasm amongst the attendees. He is very easily understood and has excellent communication skills, ensuring that all attendees derive as much as possible from the training. His attention to the needs of the individual and his sensitivity to the different cultural norms, needs and expectations are extremely high, and this makes him well-recieved by all trainees. He is a very professional, respected and highly competent trainer.

Ivica Projic, ACTA, Croatia

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