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What we do


Holding your hand

Don't let doubt hold you back!  If you need that bit of extra help, if you're struggling for time or focus, or if you just know that there are areas where you want to learn more, we can help.


Whether it's 1-1 support, chairing and facilitating meetings, mentoring your chosen leader or just being a phone call away - we will be there to hold your hand.


To make sure you can always lay your hand on a few materials to expand your knowledge and skills and to lighten the workload, we have a range of useful and easy to use guides, templates and resources, all of which are ready to be branded and adapted in your own business style.


Helping you get started

We all have to start somewhere and the first step is always the hardest! But with our support and guidance, we can help make the decision to get going an easy one for everyone.


We offer bespoke plans to suit your individual needs; from short introductory sessions to get your brain cells in gear, through to a series of half and full days, designed to unravel the mystery of sustainability implementation, step by step.


If a stamp of approval is more your thing, we offer training to help you comply with standards such as ISO 20121 and get you ready for certification.


If you prefer to learn by yourself, our tailor-made sessions can be run internally with your teams. Or you can join a group off-site with like minded businesses who want to learn from each other.


Taking you to the next level

Gone past the starting line and ready for more?


If you're already ahead of the game, let's look at how to move to the next level.  Maybe for you this means getting external certification, producing reports on your performance or conducting more detailed progress analysis.  Whatever your needs, we will help you to create the pathway to your success.


If you really want to be the best in class and to shout about it, then maybe reporting in line with globally recognised benchmarks such as the GRI EOSS (Global Reporting Index Events Organiser Sector Supplement) is your thing.  Let us unravel the process with you.

Are you getting it right?

We all learn from our mistakes, so the best way to get better is to find out what we're not doing well!


Don't be scared of failure - instead let us show you how to turn it into success.  


We will help you identify areas of improvement, explore the opportunities for change and create an action plan to get you there. Whether it's just reviewing a simple process or performing a full venue analysis, we can give you recommendations and even present them to your senior management team on your behalf.


And sometimes, when you think you've got it right, others might still think you're not ticking all the boxes.  So if evidence is what you need, we can help you prepare for scrutiny.   If you are going for certification, we will work with you to ensure that you're as ready as you can be.

Quick Sync

Shouting about it!

Once you have ticked all the boxes and you’re proud of what you’ve done, we can help you market your achievements. 


We know what works and how to explain some of the complicated stuff in simple messages - either through animation or film to signage within your venue or event.  Sometimes it might be a clever little handout that engages and enthrals. 


Marketing sustainability is a big part of our focus so leave it to us to get the right messages out based on the brief that you give us.


Our award winning design team can talk you through ideas and suggest great ways to get your story across – you’ve work hard to get to this stage, so it’s key that you let others know.

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